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Design notes

This site was created using Dreamweaver MX, Serif DrawPlus7 for the two graphics and Serif PhotoPlus9 for editing photographs. The photographs were taken using a FujiFilm 5500S digital camera.

The photographs were originally 2272 x 1704 resolution and in colour. Small, almost randomly selected, areas were extracted and converted to greyscale and image size was compressed to file sizes between 10 and 40Kb.

Tahoma font is used throughout the site in either black or dark brown for links. The font used for the 'another view' motif was created using a font based on my own handwriting, available from fontifier.com

The alternative College logo uses Prisoner font and is in jpg format in order to display the gradient used in the blue-green circle.

Page backgrounds are tiled images of grey weave obtained from grsites.com and which may be used with this acknowledgement.

The site currently comprises 15 graphic and 10 page files with a single template file. Layout is controlled by a simple table.

The counter script on the home page was obtained from sitemeter.com and can be used with this acknowledgement of its source.

The slightly odd welcome message on this page is some javascript created originally by someone called Benny, adapted by me, and was distributed with the free 1st Page 2000 web design suite for use with an acknowledgement left in the code.

Andrew Hill
September 2005.

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