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Your assignment:

Create a website to feature a selection of photographs, or images derived from them, in or around Dunstable College. There should be clear navigation and a consistent theme and minimal vertical scrolling, no horizontal scrolling at 1024 x 768 resolution.

Include at least one image and some descriptive text on each page in addition to your original design for a new College logo. Your name and the date of last update should be included on each page with one page containing your contact details. This page should also contain links to several similar sites created by colleagues and any other of your own original work, and either notes or a link to a document listing the fonts used, software for images / graphics and web page design together with an evaluation of the site and further development you would consider.

The photographs, graphic and text content should all be your original work but if you do decide to include something that isn't your own work you must comply with copyright law and include reference to its origin.

Test the site display in at least two browsers and at a range of screen resolutions, including your findings in your evaluation. Ask colleagues for their comments on your site and include these in your evaluation notes.

Add a counter and some appropriate dynamic content.

This assignment provides an opportunity for you to meet criteria:

BTEC National Diploma: P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 M1 M3 M4 D1

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