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why bother with a web site?

Before you start, think about why you need one and consider some of the pros and cons.

- a poorly designed web site or one with mistakes will let you or your business down

- it may get out-of-date

- others can steal your content

+ a web site can be the commnication tool nowadays, especially as so many people will look for you in Google first

+ small can compete with big and win on the internet

+ people can check you or your business out any time, anywhere

+ you can interact with others, get opinions etc easily

- a web site can still be a bit geeky to make and maintain

Even if you need one, think about whether you really want to do all the work or get someone to do it for you. OK, so you do want one and you do want to do it. Next, think about who it's to be designed for - are there any obvious groups or types of customers or users? That may influence colours, how you display content etc. Is there a site out there already that you can get some ideas from? A little initial thought is always worthwhile. It'll also save you staring at a blank page when you start designing!