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course tasks

3 web page design

3a The first sketch

Draw or sketch a single page to be used as a template for the web site planned in task 2. This should contain:

an area for a banner headline at the top

a footer area for contact info at the bottom

a menu on the left

two equal panels, one for text and one to contain an image

You can invent an organisation or activity for the site or use one you know about if this helps you. Alternatively, your tutor can suggest the type of content that might be involved. (This task is about creating a layout, though, so the actual content is not important.)

3b add some measurements

write on the sketch some approximate measurements to show the height and width you would consider appropriate for each area

3c links

add some text links in your menu area and indicate the filename of the web page that each link would go to.

3d the table

How many rows and columns will you need for this layout? Draw these rows and columns on your sketch (or a new version if the original is getting messy!) Revise your measurements or areas if necessary.