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As mentioned previously the free OpenOffice contains a remarkable element called Drawing. With this even beginners can easily create their own designs and graphics. It beats Microsoft’s Drawing toolbar features by far, and they’re pretty good.

Getting rave reviews, and something well worth trying just for the fun of it, never mind anything more educational, is ArtRage from http://www.ambientdesign.com , which is just beautifully presented and you'd be hard-pushed not to create something reasonable in a very short space of time! It's totally free and simple to learn.

Some of the older versions of Serif products are now available free for personal and limited non-commercial use, including in education, and are worth looking for and trying. As with all the Serif range the user-interface is very easy to learn and ideal for beginners.

Serif DrawPlus4 is currently available free, with no time limit for use or requirement to buy anything else later, from http://www.freeserifsoftware.com

Installed on everyone’s computer as part of Windows, Microsoft’s Paint™ has improved over the years but is still a pretty basic tool which can take some getting used to. Kids love it but it’s not easy to create really good graphics without a lot of guidance as to what’s going on. There are easier-to-get-on-with alternatives for amateurs! One that gets consistently excellent reviews is GIMP™, free from http://www.gimp.org and a simple, light download that doesn’t take ages.


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