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Microsoft Word or Works users have a direct link to the Clip art and Media site. Insert|Clip art will bring up the Insert Clip Art pane with an on-line link.

Searching through the collections is quite easy.

Once you've found what you would like to use, add it to your selection basket and then you will be invited to download the clips. They will usually be added to your Microsoft Clip Organiser folder, which is located in your My Pictures folder.

You can also get the image by right clicking on it and selecting Save Image as . . .

Be careful when using this method - changing the type of file saved can produce disappointing results! Wherever you can, download Clip art as instructed on the site.

The site has a very big range of categories and you can search for different types of file, including photographs and animations. Clip art images, as opposed to photographs, are vector graphics which means they can be enlarged without quality suffering. A neat explanation of this is included on the Microsoft site at the following link:

There are also many other sources of Clip art: CDs and web sites galore but be careful about copyright and unwanted software that often comes with some of the free stuff on the web.
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