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When you read through some of these pages some of you will probably find something I've missed, others will know a better way to do something I've suggested and one or two will say some if not all of it is bunkum or words to that effect. Just bear in mind, though, that LSDA's Q Projects only provide about £1000 at most and their main purpose is to get people started on the road to including some new techniques in their teaching which might help students get the message they're trying to put across and to inspire people.

If you're like most practitioners and IT training was long ago and took the shape of RSA CLAIT or whatever then using images has probably been something you've never been taught even if you've been shown where to get them in the first place.

Because Microsoft didn't have an easy-to-use editor on your desktop, doing things with images other than copying and pasting has been limited pretty much to the Art & Media departments at work and the rest of us have been experimenting with various bits of software coming with equipment at home. I know lots of people in education who think about trying something in this field and then decide not to because they're nor really sure how it will work out, the students might laugh because they think they know more than the tutor or there's a colleague who does that sort of thing for them anyway.

Well, now you've got something to look at if you need it and someone to contact if you want some help.

I'm no particular expert in this field but I think I've got a good eye for what works and what doesn't and, most importantly, I believe in trying to keep things simple and not spending a fortune on software if I don't have to.

My contact details are below.

Andrew Hill
Dunstable College
Dunstable LU5 4HG
01582 477776

I am also a Development Adviser to LSDA and their E-learning Co-ordinator for the Eastern Region, based in a studio in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

07737 010822

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