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digital image sizes
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We are surrounded by images. Our brain stores millions of them. Think of an event and there – images associated with it pop into your mind. Look through an album of old photos and the memories flood back clearly. Yet so much of our learning materials contain just text. Now text can be great when it’s well written and well set out on the page. Unfortunately, much of the material our students see is still not great, not well written and not well designed and images, if used at all, are added as an afterthought or would benefit from some serious tidying.

This project attempts to get people to think about how they might make a difference to the next piece of A4 they distribute to students or colleagues, or to the next item they add to a web page or virtual learning environment or attach to an e-mail.

You can find manuals and guides galore telling you how to use this or that program or which equipment you need to get an image in the first place. That’s fine if you have a spare few hundred pounds to spend on them or have a generous college that provides you with the licences or items to use away from your desk but this is for those who don’t.

The site is divided into 8 sections

finding images
image size
using images
file types
clip art
text and fonts
free tools

Individual topics are listed on each section page and the site index.

All the material contained here with the exception of corporate logos and software illustrations has been produced by Andrew Hill, Dunstable College, supported by the Learning and Skills Development Agency. Reference to specific organisations in text or by inclusion of their logo does not constitute endorsement of any product by either Dunstable College or LSDA.


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