Using simple web tools

Designed to help tutors use new techniques to make course materials more readily available and to encourage more use of the web in sharing ideas and working together, this site will be of interest to anyone to whom words like wiki, blog and feeds seem strange, new or just jargon. You may not need them all but if just one section inspires someone to develop some new ideas it will be worthwhile.

  • See how new tools can help you publish and share materials
  • Bothered about blogs? Discover how they can be so much more than a diary
  • Worried about wikis? They're the new way to work together on documents
  • 100s of photos to organise or fix? Software that does both
  • Want a web site? Get a pen ready to write down your new address on the web!

. . and it's all free!November 2006Make a web log | Edit and publish pictures | Use a wiki | Make your own web site