Here you'll find loads of notes I've published to help students and colleagues over the years. They're in no particular order and some are a bit out of date. Most are Word files and will open in a separate window. Save them to your space and print. I now have lots of new versions and new topics now in web format which are much better - and will do my best to publish them here soon. Sorry I haven't had the time to do this yet, though! Can't believe September's almost gone already!

If you can't find what you're looking for, try quick notes or contact me. Or check the links pages where lots more resources can be found on other sites.

typical office skills level
bit more advanced
heavy-going in places
Excel: example of =if, =and and lots more in a voting entry summary sheet°°°° new
getting started with moodle 2007 (simple stuff)° [use Guest access to moodle site] new
getting started with Moodle ° (older but more detail)
Notes about communication and planning presentations°°
Three simple ideas°
Outlook Express: viewing images °°
Create a web log °
Excel: naming cells instead of absolute refs°°°°
Excel: =IF°°°
image file sizes in brief°
image file sizes!°° 
General: Fonts - serif or sans serif?° 
Word: 4 things equally spaced on a page. Looks easy but isn't!°°°
Word: using autotext°°
Word / Excel: cell borders°°°
Excel: formulae°
Excel: =SUMIF and =COUNTIF°°°°
PowerPoint: getting started°
PowerPoint: .pps or .ppt? Ready to show°°
Design: Camera to pc - transfer and naming pictures°° 
Word: creating a folded leaflet°°°
Word: getting started°
Word: some text design notes°°
Design: some nice uses of WordArt°°
Design: You don't need clipart these days!°
Design: standard image effects°°°
Word: Table of Contents°°
Word: business cards°°
Introduction to Access°°°
Excel: databases°°
Excel: graphs and charts°°
Excel: awkward charts°°°°
Excel: Sample macro for survey recording°°°°
Excel: tutor guide to a task using Solver°°°°
Excel: sample solutions to changing case and splitting cell contents °°°° quick guide
Web Design for Normal People (html)°°
Web design for Normal People (pdf file)°°
Web design: quick summary of the main steps°°
Web design: a few words of wisdom!°°
Word: the picture toolbar°
Excel: using sheets properly!°
Word: level 1 word processing old assignment guide°
Excel: level 1 database old assignment guide°
Excel: level 1 spreadsheet old assignment guide°
Word, Excel: Passing old level 2/3 assignments°°°
Word: Tables°°
Word: more about tables°°
Word: making an album page using tables°°
Word: mailing and labels°°°
Word+Excel or Access data: mailing and labels°°°
Word: using Styles°°
Word: business notepaper°°
Internet: An introduction to the basics°
General: How to stop those annoying expanding menus in Office 2000/XP!°
Nonsense! Some amusing examples of how not to write! °
General: discover your learning style°
General: The big freeze and other problems!°°
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