Introduction to Excel 2007


Excel in action

Other applications






The links below provide access to the various files that can be used on the course. A set of notes is available under Notes to guide you through the tasks to perform with the various data provided.

Working with spreadsheets

A simple task to help you get used to moving around a spreadsheet and entering information in cells

Keeping original data safe

Using sheets effectively and protecting original data

Displaying information effectively

Changing the width of columns, alignment of entries in cells


Use some simple formulae to make automatic calculations with your data

Data management

Sorting data into order and selecting, or filtering records to display just those required

Printing [use one of the previous files]

Producing well laid-out printed material from sheets


[you be provided with data - here's an example]

Creating charts and graphs from data

Collating data

[this is the original file - if you did data management then your updated copy wil be more useful]

Using some more formulae to gather data from several sheets and make calculations then create charts from just selected data

More exercises: Profits | Staff Records | The College Tea Club | Fantasy Football League


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