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Other applications

Office 2007: you can still have the familiar toolbars!

This freeware add-in provides all the familiar toolbars in a new ribbon called 'Menu'. It works really well and will be a great help to those who struggle to find how to do things in the new ribbon.

Download it here.

Open Office

There is a free alternative to Microsoft Office developed by the 'open source' community, in this case with lots of help from Sun Microsystems. Now in version 3, the applications are getting increasingly similar to familiar Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc and their Calc spreadsheet application is very easy to use. OpenOffice documents can be saved as (and open) MS Office documents too.

More information and download here.

Google documents

Google have slowly been developing on-line tools which enable people to publish documents, spreadsheets and presentations very easily. In particular, the ability to give permission to certain colleagues to edit them can make collaboration and sharing documents much simpler as everyone works on the same, constantly updated, files.




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