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This section of The Studyzone provides links to the material available for an Introduction to Excel 2007 course.

Excel 2007 is part of the Microsoft Office 2007 group of software and has been the leading spreadsheet application for many years. This new version works pretty much like the previous versions from 97 on with some welcome features such as improved chart graphics, better header and footer options and the ability to handle even vaster amounts of data with 1048576 rows and many more columns (the last one is now row XFD!)

What everyone notices first, though, is the new 'ribbon' instead of the familiar toolbars. These change to offer different options depending on what is selected in a sheet and include many new things. For most users, though, the main functions are as they always were - you just need to know how to find them!

Something to watch out for is the new 2007 file format. If you wish to use files on another computer that only has an earlier version there is a Save as Excel97-3003 option which is recommended for most users.

The links take you to a series of exercises and notes designed to illustrate the basics as well as some additional information on alternatives and some samples.


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