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IT Project

Another year draws to an end.

The courses I ran for 2010-11 are as shown on the left. For convenience, I've also left in some others, just in case the timetable changes next year.


As soon as I know the 2011-12 timetables there'll be previews here.


For Induction week, you may like the Learning Styles quiz and surveys I prepared available on-line. They include an Induction Checklist and Individual Learning Plan form.

ILP Reviews

Click here for the form you can complete to help plan how things are going and assist in discussions about your progress, needs and talents.

For news and recent developments in ICT, check out my FAQICA blog.

My main interest now is in ideas for using technology. My webtools site, with links to forms for feedback, continues to be really popular. I have also completed my own MA with Middlesex University and will be adding links to resources for students there. I have created an on-line forum for Programme Advisers (access by invitation only)

There is a section specifically for a short Excel 2007 course with tasks, notes and examples and the Introduction to web design course pages are still here although the evening course didn't run this year. So join me on-line if you like. For tutors, here's a trial staff skills assessment. There's also ILT or e-learning and you'll find plenty on that here as well as on the pages I develop on the Q2 blog.