Another year,here we go again! Still not much ICT which is a shame as there are still so many things people need to learn but there's not much profit for colleges in delivering it. There's a new BTEC Computing unit so I'll have to do some long-awaited CSS notes now! Here's a starter - some useful pages and links about W3C standards.

Following a very successful run last year, I have added my notes for a short Introduction to Excel 2007 course.

The Introduction to web design course pages are still here although the evening course doesn't seem to be running again. So join me on-line if you like.

The courses I am running for 2009-10 are as shown in the panel. For convenience, I've also left some others, although they're a bit old now.

The course pages have also been revised, maing them a bit easier for me to edit. My timetable is here, for my own benefit, really.

For tutors, here's a trial staff skills assessment. There's also ILT or e-learning and you'll find plenty on that here as well as on the pages I develop on my own Moodle VLE or my Q2 blog. Although I missed Induction week, you may like the Learning Styles quiz and surveys I prepared for them to do available here.

My main interest now is in ideas for using technology. My webtools site, with links to a wiki for feedback, continues to be really popular.


Introduction to Excel2007


Presentation software

Artwork & Images

BTEC National Diploma IT Practitioner

Unit 21: Website production and management

Unit 10: Web design using CSS and scripts

Unit 15: Organisational Systems & Security

Unit 24: Digital Images

Unit 3: Information Systems

Older course materials

IT2000 seems to be surviving the ravages of New CLAIT and even ITQ. Although many of the exercises are still relevant, some of the notes refer to pretty ancient Office.

BTEC First Diploma IT Practitioner

Unit 4: Website Development

FdSc in Computing

Introduction to web design

Project methodology

Interaction with computers



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