Unit 11: undertake an e-learning development project

This generic unit develops a project-based approach to e-learning implementation based on unit Q of the standards (both e-learning and e-leadership)

Evidence Examples:


Your project materials evidence that your team has done the work - but how did you contribute to planning, overcoming barriers, helping identify and arrange training needs etc?

In this box there are some examples of what might be suitable evidence for each element comprising this unit. Of course some will be relatively easy and may even cover several elements in part. Others, though, may not be what you had thought about recording on the way . . .

Problems solved

Of particular interest will be how you approached real-life problems associated with introducing e-learning techniques to colleagues and others, and how you worked with project team members and advisers to solve them.

About This Unit

Being involved in a Q project should provide you with a wide range of activity, from initial consideration of what other people might need or find useful, through planning and negotiation with colleagues, working with a team in what can well be a different environment to that for your normal role, tohelping to overcome all the barriers, time constraints, technical problems and things that just don't work out as you'd thought and be part of the group that releases some exciting new materials, guidance notes to the wider community.

It would be difficult not to acquire lots of evidence, not only for this unit, but also for Unit 1, the fundamentals, and several others too, because you have to cover such a wide range of skills from start to finish.

It is hoped that these notes will be helpful in identifying what goes where, and lead to your completing the unit (and, of course, your project, satisfactorily.

Unit 11 Introduction