Unit21: Web production


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Listed below are the criteria for this unit, the evidence that students need to present in order to meet the grades shown.

1 The purposes and requirements of a web site P1

Do the exercises at this link and make a brief report or presentation about evaluating web sites. This will identify key factors in determining the purpose and requirements of a web site.

2 Design a web site for a client P2, D1

A client is considering a new design for their web site. This link shows their existing site.

Create a new design for this client using sketches on paper or any software that you are familiar with.

Prepare samples for a home page and one content page that can be shown to a client for approval. These samples should include the dimensions of key areas of each page, such as the size of a heading area, the space allocated to a menu or navigation features, the space for text content and an indication of what size images might be appropriate. An indication of colours to be used should be included.

Give your completed design sheets, or links to your material, to your tutor who will obtain the client's feedback and approval.

This link provides the site content

Read the full client brief here

3 Create a web site P2,3,4,6 M1,2,4 D1,2

Create the site, based on your design (with amendments as suggested). Ensure that you meet the brief and take into account any further client's comments.

Your completed site will have a home page and 9 content pages, with content as provided. You can use images from either the client's existing site or from other sources. The source of every image used must be documented in a separate file. All the internal links between the 10 main pages should function but external links and links to other site pages need not be active.

Include at least one interactive feature such as a contact form, survey, poll or facility for users to comment. These features may be incorporated using other hosted services and need not be coded by yourself.

Upload the completed site to a host server - you will be advised of the log-in details - and review the site with your tutor, explaining the tools and techniques you have used.

Check your site against the client's requirements and note any errors or changes needed. Sample check list.

4 Factors influencing web site performance P5, M1,D3

Consider what can influence the performance of a web site. List which factors you view as the most important and describe them briefly with examples of their effect.

5 Security and legal issues P7, M3

Identify potential security issues and legal constraints that might apply to a particular web site. List the issues involved and describe them briefly with examples where appropriate and indicate their implications.

Try the test!

Access the the web design and image test here!


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