Unit10: CSS


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P1 describe three implementation styles of CSS, showing how they are called from HTML
P2 describe the features of the box model for CSS and describe the selectors and how they are used
P3 describe the main features of the chosen scripting language and outline some typical uses
P4 design, create and test web pages using CSS to control layout
P5 design, create and test web pages using scripts to implement interactivity.

M1 compare two methods of accessing external CSS script
M2 clarify, with examples, the differences in implementation of two aspects of CSS
M3 explain how web pages using scripts are implemented in two different browsers.

D1 change the layout of a web page by changing the external CSS
D2 show how existing interactivity could be extended or additional interactivity introduced into a web page
D3 evaluate the impact of using CSS to control layout.


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