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Here you'll find materials, notes and links to help you complete the tasks for the courses I'm teaching this year.

Each section will have a short introduction, the criteria you need to meet, tasks or assignments, notes and links to useful resources.

I am also developing a new Moodle VLE so you may find some materials there as well and links going back and forth until it has all been organised. I am also continuing as Chairman of the Eastern Region E-learning Forum and maintaining the popular webtools site.

News updates and notes of general interest can be found on my Q2 News and FAQICA blogs.

Last year I also ran an Introduction to Web Design course and another for people getting to grips with Excel 2007. The links will take you to support materials for those two. If you're looking for really old stuff then that's probably still accessible via the main Studyzone site if you look around a bit!

For one-to-one tutorials, you may find it simpler to complete this on-line version of the progress and target setting form with Andrew.



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