BTEC First Diploma

Unit 4 Web Development

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P1 describe using examples four different purposes of websites noting the construction features used by each one

P2 review, using examples, four different websites, noting whether they have achieved their specific purpose

P3 design, create and check a multi-page website to meet the requirements of a defined client

P4 upload and maintain a multi-page website

P5 describe three different situations in which a web designer could be in breach of the law.

M1 explain how designers use different construction features to help the user access information on websites

M2 identify and explain suggestions that could be implemented in order to improve at least two websites

M3 describe the use of interactive websites and what technique can be used to provide interactivity.

D1 justify the use of different construction features in the design of a website

D2 evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of learning and using HTML in website creation, as opposed to only using wizards to generate web pages.




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