BTEC First Diploma

Unit 4 Web Development

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1 Web site reviews

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Review a range of websites and summarise their findings in a report. P1P2 M1 M2 D1

Examine the websites as advised by your tutor and describe the type of site and the service, product or nature of their content. Indicate a typical profile of who you consider they have been designed for with a brief explanation of how this has been achieved in areas such as the age, sex, location and other relevant characteristics of their intended audience.

How do you think any might have been improved to help users access information or to gather information from their visitors?

Present your findings as either notes or a presentation for discussion in class and with your tutor.

2 Create and publish a web site P3 P4 M2 M3 D1

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You will be given details of a project and a business that needs to promote its activities through a web site. Your task is to create suitable sites for them that meet their requirements accurately and efficiently.

2a Produce a web site that meets a client's specification. You will be provided with a brief which sets out the main requirements and content. From this, create some design ideas which you need to agree with your tutor. Using feedback obtained, create the pages required and check that the content is accurate, links work and images appear correctly.

2b Publish your web site by uploading the relevant files to a server as specified by your tutor.

2c Review two of the sites you have created and consider what improvements you could make to them. Explain what additional features or techniques you would incorporate and justify why these would make a difference to users and the impact, interactivity or other aspects of the sites.

3 Websites and the law P5

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Consider the difference between standards and good practice in web design and law and regulations on published pages and their content or operation. Summarise these briefly in terms that a non-technically aware client might understand.

Explain the principle restrictions placed on web sites and their design by current legislation. With illustrations, identify three examples where a web page that either you have created or which you have located on the web may be in breach of legislation. How could you change the elements discussed that are at fault so that the page, its content or operation could be within the law?

4 Web design methods and software D2

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You have a choice of methods nowadays when creating a new site for a client: you can use applications like Dreamweaver or Komposer which require at least some ability to read and write html code to ensure good quality structure and operation, or you can utilise ready-made templates in software like Serif WebPlus, CoffeeCup Visual Site Designer or on-line site creation tools like Microsoft Office Live, Google Sites where you can work entirely in WTSIWYG mode.

Describe with illustrations where appropriate, examples of each type of application or method for creating and publishing a web site and distinguish between them, explaining why each has advantages and disadvantages for a client and the designer.


P1 describe using examples four different purposes of websites noting the construction features used by each one

P2 review, using examples, four different websites, noting whether they have achieved their specific purpose

P3 design, create and check a multi-page website to meet the requirements of a defined client

P4 upload and maintain a multi-page website

P5 describe three different situations in which a web designer could be in breach of the law.

M1 explain how designers use different construction features to help the user access information on websites

M2 identify and explain suggestions that could be implemented in order to improve at least two websites

M3 describe the use of interactive websites and what technique can be used to provide interactivity.

D1 justify the use of different construction features in the design of a website

D2 evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of learning and using HTML in website creation, as opposed to only using wizards to generate web pages.




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