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Unit 4 Web Development

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Introduction to the unit

In our fast moving technological world, people everywhere are getting access to exciting new technologies. MP3 players allow us to carry thousands of tracks on a player the size of a mouse. We can capture and share high quality images on affordable digital cameras. In one era, letter writing was something that had to be thought about and after all of the work one had to find time to go out and post it. Now, with email, it is fine to write just a sentence, press a button and it’s delivered in seconds, anywhere in the world!

The one technology that has assisted with all of these inventions of the modern age is the advent of the worldwide web (www). Using this medium we can ‘walk into’ a world with very few boundaries. We can find MP3 files and download them with ease. Our digital images can be sent to relatives in distant lands in seconds. We can go shopping without leaving our homes and source the very best prices with the click of a mouse button.

Essential to developing the worldwide web are the people who design effective documents that can be ‘read’ by a web browser. These web designers have the fascinating task of taking text, images, video and other resources and crafting them into high quality documents for broadcasting throughout the world via the internet. Their brief is to produce attractive and informative sites that will also be accessible to everyone. This includes users with disabilities, where, for example features can allow speech synthesisers to read out pages for blind users. They are obliged to adhere to copyright laws, employer’s guidelines, to beware of misuse and also to respect the Data Protection Act of 1998.

The purpose of this unit is to help the learner to see the potential of the web and to develop a skill set which will be highly valued by industry and commerce as well as being a useful personal skill for leisure pursuits. Web design is a skill that is becoming more and more popular as the worldwide web expands and as companies see the advantage of using browser technology for their company intranets. The unit is designed to give a firm grounding in the concepts of web design which will help learners to progress to employment or to another educational course and to become a valued employee with key skills in their chosen employment.


Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:
1 Understand purposes of websites and the laws and guidelines that concern their
2 Understand the principles of multipage website design
3 Be able to create a multiple page website.

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