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I collect stamps. There, I've admitted it. It may seem a rather outdated hobby these days to many but I was inspired by my Maths teacher at the age of 10 to start and remember visiting a stamp shop in Watford most Saturdays to spend my pocket money and gradually build a collection of mostly British stamps.

The advent of the Machin decimals came at about the same time as I had a little more spare cash each week of my own and, with the assistance of a dear friend Mr. Vincent, I began to collect every new shade and type of this series I could find from 1967.

Little was I to know that, 45 years later, I would be writing this and still be collecting them. The same size, the same classic image and design with values spannning 1/2d to £5 and including far more than you might expect in between! I have a separate site and a blog devoted to these. It's in need of updating, I fear, but I will get round that it soon.

I am particularly happy to recommend portfolios of certain issues which have seen remarkable increases in value over the years due to their scarcity and to advise on which current stamps, available at face value, could be candidates for growth comfortably in excess of many other investments whilst still maintaining their initial value come what may.