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As Chairman of the JISC RSC Eastern E-learning Forum I found a wide range of brilliant colleagues whose expertise will include the ideal solution for any development project, large or small.

Experience with the NLN Learning Technologies Team has provided a good understanding of how projects can be designed to match available funding and grant provision from UK Government and EC sources.

In my role as Regional E-learning Co-ordinator with the Learning & Skills Development Agency and later as an LSN Associate I was responsible for assessing project applications, awarding grants and arranging nationwide dissemination of good practice. Currently working with LSIS to promote awareness of free resources on-line through links on their Excellence Gateway featuring resources also available on the popular and recently much-revised Webtools site

An ILT Co-ordinator and Curriculum Champion I introduced the concept of a VLE to staff in Further Education and led a cross-College team to draft and implement new Learning Technology strategies.

With children at school, university and in jobs too I receive honest and valuable feedback on how some ideas actually work in practice.

A Staff ICT Skills Audit tool, created as my MA project with Middlesex University, is now being used at many schools and training organisations to identify where individuals and the organisation as a whole stand in relation to national benchmarks for good practice.