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I work with text, photos and original designs to create interesting images, logos, posters and web sites. design[at]ahi2000.com


The representation of your business or interests on a computer screen is too important to leave to the expert programmer with no sense of design. Nor is the artist with no knowledge of how it all hangs together going to be much help.

You need the right combination of both - and to have some plan for keeping it all up-to-date, something most people only consider when it's too late.


This major new site seems to be really popular. I have collected a wide range of new web technology applications that are currently free and virtually ad-free which could be useful in helping teachers to enhance the learning environment or just for individuals to present themselves or work better.

The webtools site also includes facilities for you to make comments and notes on the site itself and to contribute to an on-line and growing set of pages that visitors can edit or add to as they please. In many ways, the webtools site is an example of good design and the sort of content in which I specialise and present at conferences and events across the country.


logos, notepaper, cars, leaflets - all the material for promoting your business and your products and services.


rescuing old photographs, making you look good in recent ones, moving people and scenes and creating artwork from your images or simply an album to display on the web.


specialist in making what you want to say clear and comprehensible - especially in the acdemic field! Not just getting the words right but displaying them well, with or without illustrations, too.


turning supplied text into attractive and accurate reports for publication or reference, with digital version available in easy-to-manage applications like Microsoft Word so clients can make further adjustments in-house if necessary.


creation of original artwork and designs either to suit a given theme or just as the inspiration takes me!

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Imagine project Images: where to find them and what to do with them.

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16 December, 2009

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