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I have a wide experience of business and work with several partners to provide a range of services for businesses at home and abroad.


A complete range of design and publishing services, including other corporate design work and matching brochures, reports, marketing material etc.


On-line advice and guidance, including specialised training for teachers and tutors, using web tools and office applications. Business.consultancy

Advice on funding, feasibility and marketing for new and developing enterprises.

My FAQICA blog has been featuring in the press recently too!


A carefully selected portfolio of British stamps can provide an interesting and attractive investment and an opportunity for significant gain. With in-depth experience of the lucrative Machin definitive series and experience as a collector since 1963 I take a personal interest in this field of our activity and can arrange valuations, purchase, sale and management of portfolios to suit your requirements for income or future growth. View my AHI Definitive Catalogue at this link.

UK.degree courses

Options for studying in Britain and links to the new Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training degree course.


modern technology at work wherever you are

Web design
ICT training
British Stamps
UK Degree courses

Web Hosting


FAQICA guidance notes and news about using ICT and web / office applications.

Q2 News News and developments in the world of using technology in education, ILT and e-learning.

31p purple Machin news and catalogue updates

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30 January, 2010

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